• Software Workshops

    SOPHY is an EU-funded project that has developed a web-based software tool for prediction of product safety, quality, and shelf life of ready-to-eat products.


    In January 2015 a series of workshops is organized:

    20 January 2015, Arnhem, The Netherlands

    22 January 2015, Bremerhaven, Germany

    26 January 2015, Budapest, Hungary

    30 January 2015, Birmingham, UK


    The workshops will update delegates on the progress of the project, give a practical demonstration of the software features and allow users to test and provide feedback on the software. The software is designed to help optimise raw material selection, product formulation and processing steps virtually, and estimate the effect of individual production steps on safety and shelf life while considering quality effects.


    See for more details and to register.


  • SOPHY at euronews

    Fresh and safe from field to plate

    Watch a movie about SOPHY activities here:

  • New consortium member

    We are happy to announce that with Heinemann GmbH a new partner has joined our consortium. Heinemann is located in the north of Germany and their offer comprises potatoes and carrots peeled and cut as well as a variety of fresh-cut, deli, and fruit salads. Therewith, they are an ideal partner to guarantee that the software tool developed within the project meets the needs of producers and offers real benefit as well as a convenient usability.

    For more information about Heinemann please visit:


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